Why Facebook's Algorithm change is great for Influencer Marketing

As stated in the recent article published by Gatsby  “Well first and foremost, influencers (especially micro-influencers) are people first, and marketers second. As such, the new algorithm will boost their content alongside posts from friends and family while simultaneously limiting brand-curated content.This means that influencer Facebook posts will be seen front and centre on their followers newsfeeds, rather than below a sea of click-bait (think publisher competitions and misleading headlines) or videos.Even prior to the algorithm change implemented, influencers posts create 8 times more engagement than those created by brands and this will only continue to increase with the rapid reduction of branded content on Facebook. Long story short – the stock of authentic influencers just went through the roof."

Millions worth of budget have been spent by brands into building their audiences on big social networks, and in an ironic twist the social networks are now making brands pay to reach their very audience that brands grew.  The organic reach on Facebook for brands is now on 2%.

Brands don’t have any sway over the algorithms of social networks as the social networks will adapt continuously to suit their business model.  This will always entail an enhanced user experience and an increased advertising revenue strategy.